One of our most asked questions…We’ve never done this before so how do we go about building a home? There are so many variables in custom home construction. But the best part is you can make it uniquely yours. Understanding your dream and helping bring it to reality is where we excel. The key is communication. It can be a fun and rewarding experience. These are some important questions.

#1 Have you explored financing?

Sometimes this is the most surprising. Often you will find that you can afford more than you think. A qualified lender can help you pull all the details together and determine the best approach for you.  

#2 Do you have a house plan?

Whether it is one you have already had designed by an architect or one you found on the internet, we can help you fine tune it to meet your exact needs.

#3 Do you have a lot?

We often build on property already owned by our clients. Or you may choose from property we have in our development inventory.

#4 What are specifications?

A written document describing the scope of work, materials, allowances, etc. from the foundation, to HVAC, to flooring to door hardware. This is critical in developing an accurate price. We want to help you avoid any surprise changes and unexpected costs. As we always say, “there will be no changes in the price unless you make a change to the specs”.  

#5 How long will this take?

It is our goal to run an efficient schedule on every project. Every day of construction costs money so we work very hard to keep the process moving forward with little to no down time by fast tracking the plan and design process, preparing ahead on material purchases and constant communication with the many trades and vendors.